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Opening Doors to Recovery...Every Day

In November 1980, Dolores and Dan Segal founded the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance (D.B.S.A.) of Greater St. Louis with a heartfelt mission. Driven by their personal experience with bipolar disorder, they sought to extend a helping hand to others facing similar challenges. As they delved deeper into understanding depression and bipolar disorder, they recognized the critical role of moral support from family, friends, and mental health professionals in the effective treatment of mental illness.

In late 1996, the St. Louis Empowerment Center, a peer-run mental health drop-in center, emerged as a program under the D.B.S.A. of Greater St. Louis.

Helen Minth,founding Executive Director of the St. Louis Empowerment Center

Helen Minth, the founding Executive Director of the St. Louis Empowerment Center, was a driving force behind its growth. Her clear vision and compassionate leadership created an inviting haven for recovery and rebuilding. After 18 years at the helm, her legacy endures, with many still crediting her and the center for their recovery journeys.

Following her retirement in 2014, Helen's daughter, Sarah (Minth) Earll, joined the center's ranks and now serves as its Executive Director, carrying forward the legacy of empowerment and compassion.


The Empowerment Center is dedicated to maintaining a clean, safe, alcohol and drug-free environment, and we have zero tolerance for intolerance. We welcome everyone to access our services and be part of our supportive community.

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