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STLEC Recovery Community Center

St. Louis Empowerment Center is proud to announce the establishment of a Recovery Community Center (RCC). Individuals participating in the RCC will develop skills and competencies through mutual support with their peers, working with Certified Peer Specialists, participating in support groups, educational programs, and social skills building activities. As part of SAMSHSA’s Opioid State Targeted Response Grant, Empowerment Center RCC will work with individuals with Opioid Use Disorders (OUD) to develop Recovery plans and pathways.

STLEC Recovery Community Center will be partnering with several organizations (including but not limited to: Missouri Recovery Network, Let’s Start, Behavioral Health Networks EPICC Program, etc.) to offer individuals with an identified OUD recovery in an open, honest, and peer-based environment.


Recovery Community Centers Statewide

The Recovery Community Centers are The Missouri Network for Opiate Reform and Recovery and the Empowerment Center in St. Louis, the Springfield Recovery Community Center, and the Hope Center in Kansas City. The grant is administered by the Missouri Department of Mental Health, Division of Behavioral Health, in partnership with the Missouri Institute of Mental Health.

Below is the direct contact information for these Recovery Community Centers:

The Missouri Network for Opiate Reform and Recovery

4022 South Broadway, St. Louis, MO

Chad Sabora


Website: http://www.monetwork.org/

(844)-Rebel –Up



St. Louis Empowerment Center

1908 Olive Street, St. Louis MO

Sarah Earll – Executive Director

Sheila Mihalick – Program Director:


General Information: info@dbsaempowerment.org

Narcan Information: naloxone-info@dbsaempowerment.org

Website: http://www.dbsaempowerment.org/

(314) 652-6100


The Healing House

4602 St. John Ave., Kansas City MO

Bobbi Jo Reed

Website: http://healinghousekc.org/

(816) 920-7181


Springfield Recovery Community Center

1925 E. Bennett Street, Springfield, MO

David Stoecker


Website: http://www.spfdrcc.org/