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Self-Help Groups

The St. Louis Empowerment Center holds daily self-help groups on site.  Some of the groups that are held include: DBSA, Co-Occurring, AA/NA, Family and Relationships, and Recovery Focused groups.


The St. Louis Empowerment Center offers several classes on site.  These classes include: GED classes (as needed), Anger Management, and Art classes.  All of these classes are free of charge.

Peer Specialists

The St. Louis Empowerment Center has NINE Certified Missouri Peer Specialists on staff to assist participants.  We also have a Certified Wellness Coach to assist participants in meeting their wellness goals. 

Community Services

The St. Louis Empowerment Center has several agencies that that offer their services to Empowerment Center members. We can offer referrals for health care services for uninsured and underinsured individuals with:

Other agencies come on site on a regular basis to offer services. These agencies include: 

Amenities and Activities

  • Consumer Telephone
  • Television with Cable
  • Pool Table
  • Cards and Dominoes
  • Free Lunch
  • Mental Health Library
  • Lending Library